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Welcome to the homepage of Lunar Module 5 !


Within the site you will find information about my YouTube channel, how some of the videos are put together, a selection of some of the videos available, a short biography about me, links to some of my favourite space related websites and some other bits and pieces too.


I hope you find some of the content interesting. I hope also that you will visit my YouTube page and spend a few minutes or hours re-living some great historical moments from the early space programmes. If you have any questions about the videos or how they are made please contact me and I will see if I can help.

The Space Centre on You Tube is the home of many human spaceflight related videos. You can see some of them on the Space Video Series page. It is also the home of the Full Mission video series.


Full Mission videos cover the air-to-ground communications during spaceflights, between ground controllers and the astronauts in space during the course of an entire mission. Each video lasts about an hour (depending on the mission). As well as the audio, mission related video footage is used where available. To show the mission as it might have been seen, where video footage is not available, Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator is used to simulate the flight profile. Public Affairs Office (PAO) announcements are supplemented with the Virtual Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) and captions. Photos from the mission are used where appropriate. All this adds up to a video which portrays the real mission, as it happened.

To see which missions have been completed (some are in progress) click here

A Lifetimes Interest in Spaceflight

My real name is Simon. My You Tube name is lunarmodule5. The picture on the left is Lunar Module 5 meeting Columbia! (that's a hilarious joke in space circles!).


I have always been fascinated by spaceflight. My first memory of a flight is ASTP in 1975. I was amazed at the speed they were flying, the zero-G - the whole thing was jaw dropping.


Since then I have been collecting space audio, video and anything else space!


I started my You Tube channel because I wanted to share my collection with the world. In 2012 I came up with the idea of the Full Mission series.


I live in Wales, UK with my wife. We have a few less pets now and the house is nearly decorated!

Michael Bedards "Hello Houston"

It was on my bedroom wall in the early 80's

(I recently bought it again!)